Well, This Is Embarrassing...

Yesterday it was announced that you can pre-order the first issue of 'LADY SATAN: AN ANGEL IN A KILLERS DRESS' and that the book would begin serializing in January. This was an announcement that I was excited to make and I honestly believed that Halloween (or at least the weekend of Halloween) was the perfect time to make the announcement...Oh, boy was I wrong!

Since I first began working on the project, several readers had informed me that they were excited and couldn't wait to get the book. I had already received a few pieces of fan art and when sharing some of the pages from the forthcoming book more and more people expressed that they wanted this book in their lives. So I thought launching pre-orders on Halloween was the best direction to go in.

What I did not predict was that over that small window of time several things would happen including the terror attack in France (Lady Satan's home country), The death of Sir Sean Connery (R.I.P. Mr Bond) and several countries announcing that they would be entering their second national lockdown because of the pandemic. And one of those countries was my very own, the UK.

So it's no wonder that after announcing the pre-orders, no-one pre-ordered the book. Especially as many readers, including myself, like to get their independent comics and graphic novels from crowdfunding sites like IndieGoGo, so that they can support the creators and their creations and get themselves a little extra something with the book as a thank you from the creator they have chosen to support.

In the announcement, it was mentioned that after serialization, 'LADY SATAN: AN ANGEL IN A KILLERS DRESS' would be heading to IndieGoGo for a collected hardcover edition. But plans have now changed.

Pre-orders for the first issue of 'LADY SATAN: AN ANGEL IN A KILLERS DRESS' have been cancelled. The serialization of the book has been cancelled. However, the IndieGoGo campaign is on the way for the hardcover edition of the entire story of 'LADY SATAN: AN ANGEL IN A KILLERS DRESS'.

There will be plenty of exclusive perks for backers and every backer will have their name appear in the back of the book. And if you sign up to the pre-launch for the campaign and then go on to back the book when the campaign goes live, you will receive a Lady Satan sticker with your book.

It will be at least a couple of months before the campaign goes live, however, you can sign up to the pre-launch mailing list by going HERE and you will receive an e-mail when the campaign does go live!

I want to thank everyone for their support and understanding. I hope that the IndieGoGo campaign goes well and I will do everything I can to help it reach its goal. Especially as I cannot express how much this character and her story mean to me.

Until Next Time: Take Care Of Yourselves, Take Care Of Each Other & Stay Awesome!

Lucifer Storm

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